"After seeing your program work successfully in both Paris and Bogota, I have grown accustomed to Readak's high standards of teaching, as well as its friendly and cooperative staff."

Peter Cooper (Principal)
Tokyo, Japan

"The greatest evaluation is probably that we have ninth and tenth graders not only admitting that they are glad they took the course and learned a lot from it, but telling their cool friends that they should have taken it as well. So Readak and Seisen is a success story. Congratulations and thank you."

Fiona McGrory (Principal)
Seisen International School
Tokyo, Japan

"It was clear that parents had made a very valuable investment in their child’s education by enrolling them in the Readak course. Clearly, the delivery of the course had been outstanding."

Alan Harper (Director of Studies)
Trinity Grammar School
NSW, Australia

"I would definitely recommend Readak to other students. It has improved my time management, note taking and especially reading. I study more efficiently, which in turn means I have more time to study."

E.F. (Year 11)
Firbank Grammar
VIC, Australia

"Readak is capable of helping any student excel."

N.S. (Year 10)
The Kings School
NSW, Australia

"I know the things I have learned were relevant for now and will be for later on in other stages of education."

Z.B. (Year 10)
Canberra Girls' Grammar
ACT, Australia

"I took Readak in 1981 in Puerto Rico, when I was 15. It helped me get back my self-confidence as a student. I am now 44, and the value of your program still pays everyday when I am at a conference, or sit down to read a good book. Thanks forever!"

Vilma Cruz Cestro
former Readak student