The path to successful learning begins with Readak. Over 225,000 students in over 3,000 schools worldwide have benefited from the Readak Advanced Learning Skills course. Today’s students need superior reading proficiency and disciplined study habits in order to meet constantly increasing educational challenges. Readak’s methods for improving reading comprehension and study skills can make a significant difference in a students’ academic success.

Who should take the course?

Students in grades 5-12 who are enrolled at a host school and want to become better students, by learning to study more effectively and efficiently.

How will Readak help me?

The Readak Advanced Learning Skills course is beneficial to students on many levels. The skills, tools, techniques and habits learned can be applied on a daily basis in classes, home study, assignments, test preparation and test execution. The ultimate outcome is that students become effective, efficient, confident and independent lifelong learners. Readak is for life.

Why not be satisfied with current grades, abilities and performance?

Good students can become better students. Even if you are top of the class, Readak can prepare you for educational challenges that lie ahead- more demanding texts, increase in workload and assignments, preparation for standardised tests such as SAT, HSC, IGCSE and IB.

How can I evaluate my own progress during and after the Readak course?

Each class provides application time. Application and improvement begin immediately with Readak.

At the end of each class, students are able to answer four questions

  • What did I learn?
  • How will this new skill help me to become a better student tonight when I do my homework and tomorrow in my classes?
  • How will this new skill help me on a standardised test like the SAT, IGCSE or IB?
  • How will I apply this in my various subjects?