Should a student who is not proficient in English participate in Readak?

Yes. Readak’s studies have shown that a large number of students whose first language is not English have made significant improvement. Most students improve their reading skills in direct correlation to their English competency.

To what extent will international students retain the skills they have learned?

Readak has on file many student evaluation surveys. The surveys were conducted after students completed the Readak course. Over 90% of the students taking Readak stated the skills work, grades improved and confidence increased.

Does it matter what standardised test a student is studying for?

No. The skills taught in Readak can be applied to any type of learning irrelevant of the grade, curriculum or testing methods. Of course, the Readak teacher will tailor the information to meet the needs of each school and student group.

What materials will a Readak student receive?

Every student enrolled in the Readak course will receive:

  • A course workbook, which includes summaries of strategies that will prove helpful long after the course is completed.
  • Cornell note taking paper, to use during the Readak course and in their classes.
  • A program review providing suggestions for ongoing use of major course strategies and techniques.
  • A certificate on course completion.

How can parents become involved?

During the course, the Readak teacher will host a workshop for parents interested in learning more about the program. This is a great opportunity to ask questions and receive information concerning course progress. Parents are also welcome to attend classes and/or contact the teacher at any time.

Does the course have long term benefits?

Yes. Surveys of Readak graduates have confirmed that students experience both immediate and long term benefits. The skills, tools, techniques and habits can be applied not only at school level, but during tertiary and post graduate study and even the workforce. Readak is for life.

Who are the Readak teachers?

Readak teachers are graduates from leading universities and are full time members of our staff. They have over 150 hours of specialised training in an accredited graduate level course in developmental reading and study skills. Their performance is constantly reviewed and evaluated to ensure the highest levels of effectiveness.