What to Expect

Step 1: Pre-Course Skills Evaluation

Before a Readak course begins, a Readak consultant will meet with faculty to review major course goals and specific strategies, as well as answer any questions. Similarly, the consultant will conduct a parent information session. In addition, the Readak teacher arrives at the school one week prior to the commencement of classes to be available to students, parents and faculty, schedule classes and prepare for the start of the course.

Step 2: The Readak Advanced Learning Skills Course

Students learn enhanced note taking skills, including the Cornell Method, essay planning and two organised study systems called SQ3R and HEART, both designed for especially long or difficult assignments. Students learn how to manage their time and prepare for examinations in addition to learning specific methods aimed at increasing reading rate and comprehension of all types of reading material. The goal is improved comprehension, as well as the practical application of all course strategies.

For more information please see the Readak Course Outline.

Step 3: Anticipated Results

  • Improved comprehension and reading proficiency
  • Confidence in taking tests
  • Disciplined study habits, resulting in more productive use of time
  • Increased ability to organise, decipher and retain information
  • Increased desire to read, for both learning and leisure
  • A lifelong love of learning

Step 4: Optional Refresher

Following the completion of the Readak Advanced Learning Skills course, students receive a certificate entitling them to retake the course at any time in the future at no additional charge.