Readak Course Information


The Readak Advanced Learning Skills course is conducted onsite at a host school. It is a 12 hour course that operates over 3 weeks. The schedule of the course is varied, allowing the students to select one option which best suits their own busy schedule. The course is conducted outside of school hours as to not interrupt the daily class timetable.

A typical Readak schedule (select one option)

  • Sunday and Tuesday after school, 2 hours per class
  • Monday and Wednesday after school, 2 hours per class
  • Saturday mornings, 3 hours and 20 minutes per class
  • In some cases, evening and weekend classes are available, especially in boarding schools.


The following is an outline of the major topics covered in the Readak Advanced Learning Skills course.
(The topics are not necessarily in chronological order)

Active Classroom Learning

  • Improving listening skills
  • Effective note taking: Cornell Method
  • Mapping: A visual way to record and organise information
  • Essay structure and planning

Being An Active Reader

  • Maximising reading rate and comprehension
  • Decrease mind wandering and increase focus
  • Pre-reading to become more involved with the text
  • Study systems: SQ3R and HEART
  • Varying rate: Pacing Devices
  • Strategies for deciphering unknown words and building vocabulary: CSSD

Home Study/Time Management

  • Minimise distractions to learn more in less time
  • Establishing an effective study environment
  • Organising a study schedule that works

Successful Test Taking

  • Approaches to short and long term preparation
  • Alleviating test anxiety
  • Deciphering test language
  • Success with classroom tests
  • Applying course strategies on standardised tests

The Readak Advanced Learning Skills course meets both school and student needs by emphasising

  • A comprehension orientated approach to developing efficient  and effective reading and study habits
  • Application of techniques to daily schoolwork, homework and study
  • Use of student texts for application of skills
  • Use of student workbook as reinforcement during the course