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Philosophy of Teaching and Learning

The learning experience is a unique interaction that is individual to each student and teacher.
The teacher must hold an eclectic model of theory and practice that reflects a holistic view of the student, promoting inclusion and fostering academic, social and affective growth and fulfilment.

The teacher is a professional who has a positive self concept, which is developed and maintained through ongoing reflection and evaluation of beliefs, values, attitudes and practices. The teacher respects students by promoting confidence, motivation and the exploration of values and beliefs. Thus, the teacher must view students as candles to be lit, not reservoirs to be filled. That is, not to cram students with information but ignite the spark to enjoy learning for intrinsic value.

Danielle McLean (BEd Primary)
Director, Readak FZ LLC

The Readak Edge

Readak has been educating students within the private school community since 1957. We have an established reputation. Readak has taught the best students in the best schools throughout the world. To date, over 225,000 students in over 3,000 schools have experienced the positive results of the Readak Advanced Learning Skills course.

Readak is proud to announce that in 2010, it will begin operating in the Middle East. Initially, the course will be offered to students in private schools in Dubai, with future plans to expand to other emirates and then throughout the GCC.

The course complements any school curriculum. Students are taught skills, tools and habits that can be applied to any type of learning (it is not subject based) at all levels (middle school, high school, university, graduate programs, masters programs and doctorate programs). Students will use what is taught today, tomorrow, next year, in 5 years, at university and even in the workforce. Readak teaches students to be successful lifelong learners.

The Readak Advanced Learning Skills course is taught onsite at host schools. The Readak educator uses an intensive, hands on and interactive approach to help students achieve success in learning, reading, studying and taking examinations.

Readak invites you to be a proactive learner and get the Readak Edge.